Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unidentified Flying......Er.....Gritters?

So, apparently, snow was not the only thing to appear in the sky above southern England last Wednesday. Several people from Kent to Surrey reported seeing several glowing orange balls of light, seeming flying in some kind of formation. This was also reported by a policeman at Gatwick....therefore it must be true ;-)

Anyway, some all knowing official type bloke suggested that the reported 'invasion' was merely the flashing orange lights from the gritting lorries, which had been out in force due to the forecast of oodles of snow which was imminent.

Hmmmmm, now I'm an open minded person and have seen some stuff which beggars belief, such as a friend wearing chalottes (don't know how to spell it), pixie boots and a reversible jumper (but it was the 80s), but gritters being mistaken for UFOs? I supposes it's possible....the flashing light refracting off ice particles at an angle of 45 degrees would bounce the light stream into the curvature of the atmosphere to generate the effect of a grouping of spherical orange craft in the early morning sky....right?

Who am I kidding, even Mckay doesn't have enough exposition to get round this one. In my official capacity of the reportage of the truth on this, my own humble blog, I can emphatically report that.....the officials are talking out of their arse!


Josh said...

Well it makes sense to me... and I basically am McKay.

I saw "Sunday". It's really sad :'(

I also have Submerssion, and almost the ark.

Take it easy babe :-D

Emma said...

Have got all of those, watched submersion last night, one word...Wraith....was a bugger to download!

I'm off to London tomorrow...yay!

Had a nightmare last night about it, dreamt that my dad and I got lost on the underground, missed a vital train, got seperated and I shouted obsenities at a dooshbag of a train guard, all of which lead to me missing the screening of ADB!!

let's hope it wasn't a preminission

Josh said...

Up to date on Stargate Atlantis! They were all good episodes in my opinion. Not as good as Tao of Rodney... of course. Hope ADB is/was good!