Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thanks Mr. Hewlett!

I'm officially happier than Happy McHappy from Happyville in Happyshire on the planet Happy!!!

Why one asks?

Because I not only have tickets to the Wolf Pegasus 2 convention in London on the weekend 2-4 Feb, but I have just managed to obtain the most coveted item of a ticket to the special screening of A Dog's Breakfast for Thur 1st Feb. The screening of the film which I may have mentioned a couple of times on this site and at which David and Kate Hewlett will be in attendance and available for a (short) Q & A session afterward.

I have a very warm and fuzzy feeling inside and possible haven't been quite this excited since Father Christmas bought me a Superted teddy bear circa 1986.

P.S. As of 20.48 hrs the tickets for ADB were sold out and considering the thing crashed for about half an hour from 20.02 that has to be a record!

As a final note I have just read that DH is trying to organise a possible second screening and/or find a second venue which has more seating since the tickets sold out online in 20mins. This astounded both Hewlett himself and the good people at the Wolfevents website (which we mad fans broke) who have never seen such a reaction to obtain tickets!

1 comment:

Josh said...

Hmmmm... ADB better not be just a bunch of hype. Hopefully, if I get a job and therefore money, I may be able to attend a "second screening".

See you later tonight, when I'm sure you will exasperate your DH obsension further by explaining all the wonderful things about him. ROFL!

Josh out.