Friday, January 19, 2007

Thar She Blows!

It's nice to know that Mercury Point isn't quite as cheap as we thought....okay so the cooker switches off every few minutes, there's no locks on the bathroom doors, the walls are so thin you can hear your neighbour doing EVERYTHING and the lifts are about as reliable as British rail at the first sign of autumn....but apparently the building doesn't fall down in 99mph winds. Which, in the grand scheme of things, has got to be a bonus. Though I'm not too sure about the whole swaying thing, messed up my inner ear/balance and by the end of the night I thought I'd been downing shots of Tequila.

Let's just say that being on the thirteenth floor during last nights hurricane force winds was one of those 'things to do before you die' moments, thankfully the latter has been put off by at least another couple of weeks. Next on the list a lightening strike or perhaps in the path of a tornado!

In other news the popularity of ADB spawned a second screening up in London, on the same day but earlier...I feel a little less special now, it was kinda nice knowing that I was part of a select , if perhaps slightly unbalanced and eccentirc, group of people who were getting the chance to see this film for the first time in the we'll be the first group of people after the other screening....oh well, such is life.

Oh and finally there is big changes afoot in the world of Stargate: Atlantis. I have just watched the latest episode via *cough* YouTube* cough* and there are going to many disgruntled fans of a certain doctor of the Scottish persuasion. The only part that I found a little hard to swallow, and this from a lifelong fan of sci-fi, was the whole radioactive exploding tumours thinks someone has been watching a few too many episodes of vintage Docotr Who. Still the final scene betwen Carson and McKay was really well done, I'll admit I had a lump in my throat and perhaps a tear in one eye....okay maybe two eyes.....and a bit of a sniffle.....Okay so we're talking Gwyneth Paltrow on Oscar day, stop going on about it!

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