Sunday, April 09, 2006

Walks and Hunts

What a lovely day it was yesterday, Spring but with a touch of Winter, the wind was chuffing freezing. Still my pa and I made the most of it by walking from Arundel to Amberly across the fields and along the river Arun. It was around 5 miles and we stopped for lunch in Burpham where there were a small herd of, get this, Bison. Now I've never seen a real live Bison before and this particular herd, behind the church, were awesome and even had a calf which was soooooo cute. We continued walking on this old smugglers route and came across a suspension bridge at the edge of a field, kind of in the middle of nowhere really. Ahhh the oddities of the sussex countryside.

So after my attempt at ambling during the day, my evening was spent at Reigate caves up in Surrey, doing my ghostbusting effort. The caves a pretty interesting, even if the guys which run them are a little more than strange. For the most part not much happened, an unfortunate trait of this particular hobby, but saying that i did gat an annommally on one of my pics (bottom left corner). I can tell you what it's not; it's not a stone, sand, a reflection, smoke or someone's breath....what i can't tell you is what it is.

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