Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Night in With the Mates

Just had to get an entry in whilst it's all still fresh in my mind....Ok this probably won't make much sense to anyone but me, but I don't care.

In the flat Josh and Ellen were round and Dan was in top form....Ellen struggled to tell a story about going to Rome looking at a statue which she didn't know was the Virgin Mary, not funny when it's written down but the first time she told the tale only dogs could hear it, the second she was crying from laughter and finally she managed to complete the story...By which time we were laughing hard purely because Ellen was.

Then there was Ellen's fixation/fantasy about a bath filled with melted Chocolate and a Battenberg, like I said this will mean nothing to most just a chosen few.

One of Dan's old teachers pronounces develop as devollup and I laughed so hard I turned into Mutley. On the back of this we have decided to start pronouncing random words wrong to see if it catches on.

By the way Dan has comic timing which is pure genius and, freakily we were studying the construct of a Comedic script only today, brings up stuff mentioned a the beginning of a conversation at the perfect moment for much hilarity.

Oh a the less said about 'raping, bumming, Jesus!' the better.......I love my flat!

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