Saturday, April 15, 2006

Doctor Who and Repeat

Just watched the first episode of the new series of doctor Who....Not as good as it could have been but I'm an addict and like to see series through so I won't be tuning out. David Tennant is pulling off the Doctor just fine, and I love his wardrobe...retro chic and yet decidely Doctor quirky. So anyway the upcoming episodes look good...Next week Queen Vic vs. A werewolf and might I say that Rose looks very Buffy circa 1997 in the dungarees. Oh and a brief clip of an unspecified episode had me reminiscing about another of Russell T's TV series aimed at kids from my own childhood.....Dark Seasons, and specifically the first three episodes.

For thoses with the memory of a gnat this brilliant CBBC drama was on in 1991 and about a girl called Marcie and her friends Thom and Reet (a young Kate Winslet), outcasts at school and always thinking the world is out to get them. Marcies gives new meaning to the term eccentric (a bit like the good Doctor) and carries allsorts of essential items in her school bag, including a paddle (because 'you never know when you'll be up the creek') and is instantly suspicious when a kindly benefactor Mr. Eldrich ( tall blonde guy in a Blues Bros esque suit and shades) donates a load of top notch (for the 90's) personal computers for every child in the school. Long story short the computers will brainwash the unsuspecting kids when they switch them on and only Marcie and the gang can stop the evil Eldritch from world domination. It was a fantastic kids drama and I'm lucky enough to have an, unofficial, DVD.....But dear friends Mr Davies has also not forgotten the one time drama as I glimpsed in the trailer for upcoming episodes of Doctor Who a bunch of kids sitting in front of their computers at school, emitting a strange green glow, and a crazed Tony Head (Giles,Buffy) running the halls....the episode is number 3, School Reunion, and I for one will be looking out for the Dark Season comparisons.

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