Saturday, June 09, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever

Normal Summer service has resumed. After our spell of balmy & luciously warm and sunny weather, I have had to yet again dig out my winter clothes...This, naturally, was just in time for celebrations on a National scale.

The Queen of England, in case you missed it, gave us subjects a couple of extra days off to party, eat copious amounts of food and stick Union Jacks on anything & everything while demonstrating her capacity to be amazing for the last 60 years.

There were street parties (many of which had to be unfortunately moved indoors), 1000 boats on the Thames, a concert outside Buckingham Palace and various processions, formal events, flypasts and lots of British pride flitting about the place...which is something, apart from a limited time during football competitions, that doesn't happen over here very often.

Anyhoo, a collection of festive pictures & my favourite bits

The Flotilla was impressive, though I felt sorry for those who were stuck there in the pouring rain

The selection of boats used at Dunkirk

The performance from The War Horse was perfect

 The thrones remained empty as the Royal family stood for the whole thing. It amused me greatly when William & Harry pointed at their Grandfather and laughed as he danced a jig to the Hornpipe at the end.

You couldn't go anywhere without seeing the Union Jack, we don't celebrate our British pride enough so it was a nice change

The fireworks after the concert at the Palace, Madness singing Our House on the Palace roof was epic (as was Grace Jones and her Hula Hoop)

The Parade, Pomp & ceremony is what we do best

The Red Arrows, always a highlight

My absolute favourite was this guy, whom I spotted in the crowd...can you see him?

How about now.....You Sir are an absolute legend!

Our decorations for the occasion

 And the food, of course

 Scones, shortbread and patriotic cupcakes...nom, nom, nom

Emma just can't wait

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