Monday, June 11, 2012

Be Aware of Clowns in Drains Offering Balloons

Ugh, awful, awful weather.  It started raining around 9:30pm yesterday evening.  Heavy, constant, torrential down pours continued throughout the night and into late this evening. 75mm of the wet stuff fell in less than 24 hours, that's a months worth of rain in a day. By mid morning weather and flood warnings had gone up all over Sussex.  By lunch time Bognor Regis was cut off from all major, and minor, roads creating essentially a new island. 

Screen shot of the radar of Bognor (marked by arrow) at 13.30 this lump of orange didn't move for hours.

The duck pond which is a few of hundred yards around the corner from my house flooded the nearby main road and caused more than a little chaos...see pictorial evidence.

The flood blocked a large potion of the road and yet people still lumbered on in their less than amphibious vehicles

This was taken earlier in the flood, a couple of hours later you couldn't venture this far, the post in the foreground was almost completely submerged

The footpath leading up to the pond at the height of the flood

The tops of the concrete posts were submerged in less than an hour, they stand at about 3 foot

The drain at the end of my road doing the opposite of what a drain is supposed to do

Ah, the inevitable...the moron abandoned their car then disappeared completely, which should be interesting when the water recedes

Other shot of the footpath, the grassy banks now looking more like seaweed.

One of the cars I seconds later had to help push from the flood water after they let their engines flood out...yay for the gym.

Eventually only buses and 4x4's were making it though, the abandoned car was actually floating in the waves.

The ducks seems to have the sense to stay put, the Carp decided to be a little more adventurous and started swimming up and down the road.

The fuzz had their hands full, maybe the RNLI would have been more appropriate by this point...I spoke to one young copper who said they had run out of road closed signs!

Some people decided to venture into the filthy, oily, scummy flood waters, one young cyclist fell off his bike right in the middle, unfortunately I had my back turned at the time

Just in case you thought the worst was over, the forecast says there's still more rain on the way due to the jet stream being fixed right above the South of England rather than Scotland, where it is supposed to be by this time of (minted with extra sarcasm)

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