Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventures in Dorset & Devon

First session at the gym after a two week break due to flooding & holiday was a great success....until I woke up this morning.  I pondered for a spell as to why I'm punished so severely for doing something which is supposed to benefit my body & soul....then I cracked open the Jaffa cakes.

Anyway, last week I was still in Lyme Regis and somehow the weather had got the memo about me wanting a few sunny days...It didn't last long and we had to cut short the trip due to more crapness brought forth by yet another low pressure system.

Before then however we went to Sidmouth just over the border in Devon, a quaint little seaside town with dramatic views

Same view circa 1983 (ish) when my dad obviously thought he was Magnum P.I.

And Seaton to ride the trams, as I had 27 years ago

Much work has been done to the trams site, there was little more than the track and a few trams to ride back then...and yet again my strongest memory was the paving slabs at the tram stop....they were pink & yellow like the Batenberg cake, which is probably why I have such a vivid recollection....Mmmmm, cake

And today

The end of the line.  This whole building and area was non existent on previous visits...the Batenberg paving slabs are still just about visible however

We had driven through a perfectly idyllic little village on the way to Lyme Regis and decided if the weather was still favourable we would stop for a visit.  The sunshine put in intermittent performance but it was enough to have a decent wander around Abbotsbury and the sub-tropical gardens nearby

I think it's great that many places still have the bunting up from the Jubilee, it adds just a little something extra to the charm of villages....if I were in charge everywhere would have bunting for the whole of the summer, it's just cheery ;-)

The sub-tropical gardens were lovely and the overgrown look added to the whole look of the place, though too much green doesn't show up in photos very well.

This carving was from one of the oldest trees in the gardens which was felled in 2010.

This is the restaurant and from this angle, added a very Aussie feel to the place

As did the Cookaburras perched nearby

 Some of the sub-tropical species nestled in nearby foliage

And that is all folks!

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