Saturday, January 07, 2012

S**t my dad does

For many years now I have known that my dad is different from other dads.  At around 10 years old I came to the conclusion that I had reached the point in time which I had matured beyond the realms that my father ever would.  It doesn't make him a bad guy, it's just that at times we as a family have to cringe when out in public with the chap.

This week was no exception.  We visited the cineplex to finally catch some of those movies which have been floating around, but which we had been avoiding over the Christmas period due to the high percentage of kids who throw popcorn anywhere but in their mouths which are constantly in use though out the film, which is apparently so complex to their brains a exposition track should be included as standard (the 12a certification is an abomination which should be disposed of immediately).  Sherlock Holmes was the choice and was pleasing in concept, tone, action and witty dialogue (only outdone by Sherlock presently on the beeb). 

We left the cinema having our post movie chatter as we walked back to the car, a couple a few yards in front of our little group.  As we approached the car the chap in front pressed the button to unlock his car and, in a show of perfectly timed Jedi hi-jinx, the lights of our own car flashed as it unlocked right next to the fella.  The chap did one of those highly comical Acme double-takes and for a full 30 seconds thought he had somehow unlocked our car with his key fob.  He was subsequently laughed out of the car park.  Dad maintained the look of a chap very pleased with himself for the next 8-12 hours, every so often chuckling to himself in a Dr. Evil kind of manner...I nearly sprained my eyes due to constant rollage.

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Firefly Mom said...

Parents - you can dress them up but you can't take them out (without regretting it later, anyway.) And, c'mon - if you'd pulled off a Jedi manuever like that, you probably would have said something to the guy! Or maybe that's just me.... ;)