Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Splutter of Summer

Various things have interrupted my blogging in recent weeks....bad weather has meant countryside walks are a little difficult, keeping up with gym sessions and a couple of redecoration projects (which I will cover in more detail at a later date).  The summer however did splutter back to life this last week and for one day only the shorts were unburied from the cupboard for a walk and some relaxation (for me not the shorts) at my favourite spot on the local downland.

As I've been to this particular spot several times and so took fewer photos than normal, but the thing I love about Kingley Vale is that you often find things you've never seen before and the view is always stunning...see here and here for further examples.

And here's the newest batch:

Found this chap on the path, called a slow-worm he was living up to his name since he was being so slow I thought it was a twig and nearly stepped on the little fella....Is it me or does the look on his face indicate that I have just ruined his day?

Even though I've done this walk dozens of times the steep climb to the top on the vale is still fairly puff-worthy...and I take the slightly longer but not as heart attack steep route.

 This 'hidden' pond is usually complete devoid of water by this time in the year

Loads of berrys about at this time of year...I wouldn't advise snacking on these ones but I did munch though one or two blackberries which were conveniently lining my route.

Found the following tucked off the main path overlooking a small glade with a man made pond, for bird and deer watching I would assume.

And obviously I just had to climb it to have a proper look...during which I was stung by a nettle, got a splinter stuck in my finger and put my hand in bird poo...all in the name of exploration


Jenn said...

Emma that is all so beautiful! I wish I could take a jog over the pond and spend a week with you!

Kimberly said...

I like the look out and my kids would be all over something like that. Sounds like you didn't have the best of luck getting into it though. We appreciate the gesture! :)

Emma said...

Thanks Jenn, if you do make it be sure to bring your walking boots ;-)

And Kim, I am rather a big child myself so didn't need much encouragement to investigate the lookout...and I got to put into practice my limited knowledge of treating scrapes and stings in the wild ;-)

Firefly Mom said...

The slow worm looks an awful lot like a snake.

We've had our share of bad weather as well. In fact, as I type, it is dark, nasty and pouring down rain outside. It's supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees tomorrow, which means we'll be heading out on some kind of adventure. Hopefully not involving me sticking my hand in bird poo. :)

Emma said...

The sunny weather really was for one day only and we're now back to the scheduled months of dark and dreary...we've even had to switch on the central heating...humpf!

The slow-worm is actually a form of lizard apparently, though I'd say it looks more like a snake...we don't have many snakes in the UK although the Adder is our only poisonous one and spread out all over the south...the lack of photographic evidence on my blog suggests that they tend to keep to themselves ;-)

Firefly Mom said...

A legless lizard? Learn something new every day. :) And yes, it's a good thing that the poisonous ones keep to themselves. In our part of the states, rattlesnakes are the ones to be on the lookout for. Fortunately for most, you can hear them well enough to keep your distance. Unfortunately for my half deaf father, he can't hear them until he's right up on 'em - and he's ALWAYS finding them! We call him the rattlesnake magnet.