Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bosham, a Ferry Cross the River and Where Not to Park....

In the grand tradition of the odd British weather the dull, glum, gloomy and wet weather of the last month has finally cleared off and been replaced with pleasant, sunny and dry weather...whoop.  This spell of Vitamin D inducing goodiness will last approximately until the nasty low pressure looming out in the Atlantic decides to, quite literally, rain on my parade...grrr.

Anyhoo, Dad and I observed the sudden display of sunshine and decided a little walk was in order so to Bosham and Itchenor we did went.

Herein lies the picture postcard village of Bosham

Surrounded on three sides by water, this particular view is from the far side of the harbour which at low tide can be crossed on foot

And at high tide is mainly used for sailing

Also at high tide, this tends to happen to the harbour road, thus not a good place to park your car if you want to visit the village

Also not a great plan to try and drive through, like the following driver wisely decided against.

To reach Itchenor from Bosham on foot the best thing to do is catch the little ferry a form of which has been operating in the channel since the 17th Century.

The ferry is also used to transport folk to and from their moored boats and if you're lucky enough you can have a little ride up and down the stretch of water taking in the scenery and all the yachts you will never be able to afford....and on a sunny day like yesterday the extra 10 minutes out of the ferry was bliss.

We also walked part the way down the Itchenor path which heads to the Witterings, a walk I did a couple of months back, pictures from which can be found here .  This walk ended up being a little further than intended the estimate of 4 miles actually worked out at 7.5 miles...but what a perfect view and a prefect day.


Kimberly said...

People make the same mistake when they park in a perfect place on the beach at low tide, only to discover their car is tire deep in water at high tide and nothing short of a tow truck will save it from sinking or washing out to sea! LOL

Nice pics!

Firefly Mom said...

Once again, you have provided me with some lovely armchair travel. And glad to see that you've been getting a bit of sun, as well. We're supposed to have sunshine all this week. *Crossing my fingers*

Our beach parking tends to be above the high water mark, but since we have so many roads that run alongside rivers, occasionally entire sections of roadway will disappear in a flash due to undercutting from the river. Usually it's on the more rural highways, but occasionally cars will get swept away with the road.