Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Portchester Piss Artists

Visiting relatives is not usually top of my list of favourite things to do, that is unless of course it's my Dad's cousin Ron and his wife Pat.  Dad and Ron grew up almost as brothers and so when we do have a chance to catch up it means I get to hear all the shenanigans the pair got up to back in the day involving various tales of petty theft and the day they almost shot a farmer after mistaking him for a fox.  Also stories of my Grandad, as he died when I was very young, such as his time in Egypt during WWII and his surviving being on board 6 bombed ships during the retreat from Dunkirk.

Yep, Ron is a larger than life character in every sense of the word

And a little adverse weather will not interrupt the pair and their beer.

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Firefly Mom said...

First of all - how, exactly, does one mistake a farmer for a fox? Was he a particularly tiny farmer??

And second - just how much beer did they down? Because there are an awful lot of bottles on that table! LOL Hmm, maybe I just answered my first question.