Monday, August 16, 2010

Tales of Portchester

Ack, I appear to have post kitten sitting blues.  Yeah I know that they did drive me slightly crazy, ignored my every command and left my legs in a dismal shape from all the scratching...though I could always make up a slightly cooler version of events to explain the scars 'The scar? Oh I just got that from a fighting off wild boar while trekking in the rain forests of Australia'.  Anyhoo, those balls of fluff are just so cute and I kinda miss having the mischievous little critters about.

While I was staying in Portchester, and before the weather turned to total kack, I did venture around the local area and to the nearby remains of the 3rd Century Castle.  Not much is left, the outer wall, the keep and the church are the main attractions, but it's right on the waterfront and the view from the top of the keep, up a ridiculously tight and twisty spiral staircase, is certainly worth a visit.  The ruins themselves also enable some playtime with my camera to create some atmospheric/ arty farty piccies:

The Castle is a leisurely 1 mile from my sisters flat and is popular with families and pinickers.

The surrounding moat a popular place for local kids to have a go at catching crabs (get your mind out of the gutter...sheesh)

The arty farty portion of my post.

Various folk have left their mark around the site over the years...found these two older scribbles towards the top of the keep.

The view from the top looking towards the ancient church and across the water to Portsmouth.

Down over the site of the ruins

Looking north toward Portsdown Hill and the South Downs

Chloe searches for treasure down the well...apparently all that was sighted was a few coppers, a dime and a chewing gum wrapper.

The local village, the oldest part of Portchester, is full of some wonderful rustic cottages and a pretty good pub.


Kimberly said...

I think you threw in that last thatched cottage just for me!!! Thanks! :-)

Emma said...

Hehe,'s a very pretty village though, one cottage dates back to 1450!