Friday, July 02, 2010

Schmaltzy Cute Stuff to Look At

The summer just keeps on producing wonderful weather, sunshine and blues skies a plenty over the last three or so weeks which has been a welcome boost....I'm sure the gardeners would disagree however as we're experiencing the driest start to the year since 1929 and flowers and grasses are looking a bit yellowed, shriveled and weary...wouldn't be at all surprised if the hosepipe bans, common in the 80's and 90's returned with a vengeance.  Both Wimbledon and the Glastonbury music festival, know notoriously for the wet weather, have been baking. 

I have been out an about a few times, though not so much with the long walks yet, other stuff has been taking a priority.  I'm still sorting through some pictures taken on a recent coastal walk but until then how about some cute fluffy things to 'Oooo' and 'Ahhh' at.

The Donkeys up the road have been at it again and produced the cutest little foal, this time in brown

It's mother was being very protective and wouldn't bring the littl'un that close, thank god for the zoom lens

And what kind of visitor would I be if I didn't bring some slices of apple for this rabid bunch of asses.

Then on the walk back past the duck pond I spotted this large family of mum and 12 ducklings

 Now this looks like one harassed mama, as all 12 babies decided to huddle under her feathers

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