Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doing the Tourist Thing

The utterly perfect summer weather today permitted some touristy behaviour at a local hot spot, which I have often gazed upon on bus and train journeys but never actually visited due to the extortionate entry fee.  Arundel Castle is a few miles away and situated in the rolling Sussex hills and the gardens are vastly cheaper than the entry for the actual Castle (which to be honest when you've seen one antique table and a bunch of tapestries you've seen 'em all) so this is where I spent the morning exploring:

I have been to Arundel many times over the years, it is a very scenic place to visit but trying to find a quiet, secluded spot in the town is a little problematic during the summer months.

This part was by far my favourite part of the gardens and, until 2008, was a car park!

And of course a Castle's grounds wouldn't be complete without a Chapel, though I did have a creeped out/Doctor Who moment at the marble monuments...mum and dad were fascinated by the intricate detail in the carvings...I was arming myself with a sonic screwdriver and a banana!


Firefly Mom said...

Beautiful! You're right about the marble statues. We all have that reaction now, too ;)

Blink and you're dead!

Emma said...

The garden has only been open 2 years and on google earth it's still shown as a car park!

I always get a tad nervous is any church or chapel...must be my 666 gene...but those things were so lifelike and properly creepy...obviously not helped by my decades of Doctor Who watching :S