Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oscar & Archie

I'm on holiday for the next week and a bit...well, I'm flat sitting for my sister down the road in Portchester while she goes on a cruise to the Med, but still it's a change of scenery anyway.  As a bonus the flat comes complete with two bundles of cuteness in the shape of 9 week old kittens Oscar & Archie.  Slightly short on brains these two spend most of their time charging/skidding round the (mock) hardwood floor, chasing their own and each others tails and biting fingers and toes of those silly enough to leave an appendage within 4 feet of them.

Standby for some vomit inducing overly cute pictures

One of the few moments these two settle for a kip (L Archie, R Oscar)

Then just when you get them off to sleep the doorbell rings....I failed to capture the image of the pair disappearing under the couch at light speed, brave little kittens they are not

Archie spying something interesting.....

Apparently fingers with pizza residue are indeed very tasty

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Firefly Mom said...

Awww - they're so CUTE!! Which is a good thing, since they've been shredding your skin :)