Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Big Freeze

It's only 2 degrees warmer than the South Pole in some areas of the UK as 'The Big Freeze' continues, I've never known such a continuous cold snap in my lifetime...and, all travel, power and food issues aside, I must say I much prefer it to the copious amounts of rain we experienced a couple of months ago....* I reserve the right to change my mind when I can no longer feel my toes.

Britain from space 7th January 2010

Dad and I ventured out today locally it dropped to -7 last night and all the snow has now turned to compacted ice, but the sun had his hat on and it was all sparkling like glitter.  Many roads are closed up to the Downs National Park area, so we decided not to chance it, instead we wandered over to Pagham Nature Reserve....somewhere I frequent during the summer months due to it's peace and quiet

This was the view from my bedroom window on Tuesday evening

Looking towards the Downs from Pagham Harbour


At low tide the Harbour is frozen solid


Icicles hanging off my favourite bench



Nearby fields


Snow covered Goodwood visible in the distance


My favourite spot to sit in the summertime



My view after I slipped and fell on my arse.....


Actually I managed to stay upright and would have bounced anyway since I was wrapped up in many many layers, it's bloomin' taters in the mould


I'm sure the sunset was amazing but I was beginning to lose the feeling in my fingers and toes so opted not to hang about

The resident pony.....

Who wanted to eat my scarf



Kimberly said...

I love the picture from your bedroom window. I'm trying to picture what your house looks like. Not sure if I should picture a quant English cottage, a conservative brick, or something totally modern! LOL

I've seen "The Holiday" too many times and picture a gorgeous Jude Law, reclining in front of a fire in a quaint little cottage! ~rofl~

Where did you go to find today's space view?

We are suppose to see snow flurries sometime over the next few days!!!!! Can you believe it? Orlando, snow!?!?

Firefly mom said...

Lovely pix, as always. I'm a little bit jealous, as we're having warmer than normal temps (in the mid 50's most of last week, though it's dipped a bit this week). My poor plants don't know what to make of this warmer weather. Our spring bulbs are already popping up!

Had to laugh at the shot of you all bundled up! If you were wearing white, you'd look a bit like the stay puft marshmallow man ;D

Emma said...

Kim - My house was built in the 1970's so a little less thatched turn of the century cottage and a little more bricks, tiles and PVC double glazed windows....and unfortunately no Jude Law to be seen.

The space view was found on the BBC news website, somewhere I go to loads recently checking out the most recent weather reports....and I've been following the weather happenings across the pond with an air of 'what the...' so good luck with that

Carri-Ann - I pull off the Marshmallow man look quite well....I knew there's a reason I bulk up on Cadbury products over the winter months...Ha to all the size zero models who I could probably snap like a twig at the moment ;-)

Emma said...
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