Monday, October 12, 2009

Haven 1: Special Guest

Right then....continuing on with what is fast becoming a distant memory...Haven 1, and a special guest who happened to be in town and very graciously popped in to hang out and make us fans giggle somewhat...for one day only....

Colin Ferguson...okay so not so much with the Sanctuary theme, but I'm also a fan of Eureka (amongst many, many other shows) so getting to meet Sheriff Jack Carter in the, very handsome indeed, flesh was way cool.

Here is the handsome devil himself...oozing cool

Note the injured digits on his left hand...apparently he's been doing a touch of home improvements and the silly sausage did himself a mischief and broke a couple a change of vocation isn't in his future....

Although Colin did mention that he had fun directing an episode last season and actually enjoys being that side of the camera more (lets hope that doesn't happen for a while yet...Colin's just too Prutee to hide behind the camera)

He had many kind words for his co-stars especially Jordan Hinson (Zoe) and Jamie Ray Newman (Tess) both of whom are moving on but hopefully will both continue to be a part of the show every so often. There was a really positive response from the audience about Jamie Ray Newman and we're all secretly hoping her new show (Eastwick) doesn't do so well so maybe she'll come back to Eureka full time....Carter needs some happy

Colin mentioned Salli Richardson-Whitfield who had a couple of awkward moments during filming while was walking over a grate in high heels, of which Colin did a super funny impression of the 'seriously?' expression Salli had towards the set designer, whilst mincing in pretend high heels. Also there was a moment where the poor lass tripped at the top of a set of stairs and nearly went base over apex....fortunately hero Joe Morton came to the rescue and she only ended up with a broken shoe.

Someone asked if Colin does any research for his role, since there is quite alot of technobabble involved in the show for those not familiar....Colin replied that cast mate Joe Morton is massively into research but generally he doesn't bother with too much himself because then Carter's reaction of 'What?' to the mass of technobabble he is presented with is more believable. (and he does do the confuzzled expression oh so well)

He's been working in Bulgaria recently on Lake Placid 3 (3....really?) which there is a flying T-Rex (hmmm, um....okey dokey then)

He also mentioned that he gets into trouble with cast mate Neil Grayston (Fargo) while filming scenes inside the house with the A.I. Sarah. Colin and cast have a tendency to ad-lib and thus when it comes to Neil doing the looping later on (as he's the voice of Sarah) there's not enough of a gap in the dialogue which makes it difficult for him to record his part....tut tut Colin and his shenanigans.

It sounds like they all have a blast filming Eureka and Colin was a funny guest, I hope to see him again at a future con. I managed to get a picture and asked for a hug which Colin said 'Of course you can' (It's all about the hugs at a convention) and when I went to get his autograph I mentioned that I'd just seen the last season finale and found the scene with the explosion in the lab, which led to a technobabble conversation in the tone of Chip 'n' Dale, particularly funny, though I'd happened to be drinking a can of coke at the time and that stuff burns when it comes out of your nose...Colin found my pain amusing and mentioned they had tried filming the scene using actual Helium but it hadn't worked....Oh to have been a fly on the wall during that particular day of filming.

And finally, since I'm not the only Eureka fan on this 'ere blog, I picked this up for a mate across the pond......

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Firefly mom said...

I saw Jordan's new show. It sucks canal water. I couldn't believe that she left Eureka for that. And I could barely stand Jamie in SGA - I loathed her in Eureka! I was tickled to hear that she was leaving (and the new show she went to is tanking in the ratings, so it won't be on too much longer).

AAHHHHHH!!! I just got to the bottom of the blog (yes, I open the comments in a separate window so that I can comment *while* I'm reading ;). THANK YOU!!! At this rate, the only way I'll ever be able to repay you is to somehow get a gift wrapped Jensen Ackles to your doorstep ;D