Thursday, October 08, 2009

Convention O'Clock

Over the last weekend I have tested my stamina, endurance, co-ordination, constitution and patience and have found muscles I never knew I had after laughing heartily for three days solid. Some people would suggest I am in fact a few shades short of actual sanity....purposefully rousing close to dawn, crawling into bed some when in the wee hours and surviving on a diet consisting entirely off of the McD's menu.

This strange world of 'The Convention' exists entirely independently of any recognised time and cultural zone and to those outside 'the know' there remains a certain set of negative connotations and stigma surrounding the self titled geeks whom participate....which to be honest is a shame. I have attended a handful of such events thus far (all courtesy of the Wolf gang....the event organiser not the composer)....I have met, hung out and laughed with an eccentric, intellectual, enthusiastic, hearty, slightly crazy and fun-loving group of people, from all walks of life and representing numerous nationalities....oh, yes it's a motley ol' bunch and truth be told eccentricities are evident in some more than others (gumption worn on their sleeve with honour)....but all told, a friendlier, more welcoming and amusing group of folk could not be found in any other hobby/ interest/sport.....FACT!

Right then Haven 1 Convention write up......Now I'll admit...On the first day of talks I was having way too much fun and forgot to take a single note about what the guests were I'm afraid the reportage is going to be a little lightweight on the facts.

I do recall that Chris Heyerdahl entered to the dulcet tones of Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy on the second day...having a little boogie with everyones favourite MC, Chuck. He talked about one of his more recent projects which is a political drama in which he plays a P.I. all filmed in which point he had a conversation with some if the French fans in the audience....apparently it was very amusing but as I don't know any French I can't tell you the punchline.

He was asked what is most difficult to act, most would presume this is sadness/crying but Chris said comedy is actually quite hard as TV is an editors medium and a scene can be portrayed one way by the actors but cut together by the Editor in another, also with comedy finding the same rhythm in each take can be hard to achieve.

Chris confirms to us fans what the Sanctuary cast get up to between takes ;-)

There was a question about his involvement in the new Twilight Movie, he plays Marcus (yup, not a clue either since I don't follow the series), and he talked about the craziness surrounding the saga and the stars when they all went out for a meal and paps in trees trying to get the first shots while they were filming. He also spoke of the director giving him a pack of information about the 'world' created and the characters to help him better understand the role and saga.

Chris also divulged that he likes to prank his friends by leaving phone messages as 'Wanita'...he then went on to regale us with some of the funny and risque content all in a thick Mexican/Spanish accent.

Chuck had found a 70% off sticker which lead to some comedy 'auction' banter.

Now this does look a little on the suspect let me s'plain...a couple of seats away a friends phone had vibrated in her pocket and tickled mate Nicky also which had them chuckling...This had been noticed by Chris who took the phone and put it in his pocket...see pic...he then dared said friend to call the phone and when she obliged started writhing in a Harry Met Sally kinda way complete with moans....before handing the phone back (no doubt now up on e-bay)

Chris does his 'Hulk' Impression

On Saturday night Robin and Chris had gone to see a play (can't remember which one) in the West End. Unfortunately they had got caught in traffic and had to abandon their car a couple of miles from the theatre, the driver of which handed them the sat-nav. Chris did a funny impression of being overtaken by Robin as the pair sprinted through the London streets, rattling off the areas they passed 'Soho, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Drury Lane' before adding in true Cock-er-ney 'Ello Oliver'. Upon reaching the theatre the ushers were 'busy' having a fag outside the box office, indicating that the show had already started. They asked at the box office if they could still go in, but as they hadn't bought tickets already the attendant said no. They were wondering what to do next and continued to ask if they could sneak in when an usher poking their head round the door to see what was occurring caught sight of Robin and Chris...did a wide eyed double take and waved them over....turns out the person was a Sanctuary fan and managed to get them into the theatre....Sci-Fi fans are the best!

My Photo shoot with Chris...he gives the best hugs!

Next up Emilie Ullerup, first things first this woman is gorgeous inside and out, and this was her first ever convention so she was a little nervous but totally up for it, claiming that she needed to say 'she'd done it all at this convention'...which went down well especially after she'd also said she would 'do anything' as an actor...hehe, seems nobody is immune from foot in mouth syndrome.

After the Sanctuary finale obviously people wanted to know what the future held for her character...true to the tradition of actors keeping schtum Emilie didn't give anything away though she did mention that the new series will be darker.

Emilie spent alot of time travelling growing up as her father's job was a diplomat. She speaks English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (though the guffaw from Chris up the back of the room indicated that perhaps her Norwegian need a little work) and Vietnamese. Is there no end to this woman's' talent...well apparently her Motorcycle riding skills are a tad rusty, as during filming when her character comes zooming into shot looking all sexy biker chick, there are in fact a group of burly prop hands pushing it to a stop out of shot...Oh, I know, shatter the illusion much.

Due to spending much of her teenage years in Vietnam the country has a special place in Emilie's heart, she could quite happily settle down in the country and was involved with helping homeless kids in her youth. Emilie is also a supporter of the charity Caleb's Hope . She does admit the language is hard to pick up, she knows enough to get by, but once haggled 3,000 grandmas during a purchase.

When asked which character she would like to swap with on the show Emilie said Druitt (aka Jack the Ripper aka Chris Heyerdahl) without missing a beat. Also describing how she would achieve the look 'Bald and with stilts.' to much hilarity. This also lead to a discussion about other actor/character swaps and those mentioned included Robin with the Mermaid, Amanda with Bigfoot and Ryan with the Nubbins.

There was some discussion as to whom Emilie's character Ashley should be 'shipped' with, which got a confused reaction from the poor lass. Someone dutifully explained that 'shipping' is a description of possible relationships in a series at which point Emilie clicked and said 'that's so simple...I though it was something to do with ships'...bless.

Check out the body hugging leather you know anyone who wouldn't look like their legs were made of week old rice pudding in these suckers ;-)

Someone asked what her favourite book and film are...after a pause Emilie named Kite Runner for the book and was stumped a little longer for film before a voice from the back (Kyle her boyfriend) shouted 'Dirty Dancing' which gained an enthusiastic affirmative from Emilie as well as a 'Thanks babe'...she also mentioned that she had seen The Wrestler recently which she liked....quite the ecclectic mix of favourite films then.

There was much discussion about favourite episodes of Sanctuary, hers and the fans, Requiem came out on top, but Emilie had a lot of fun with the Nubbins saying that during filming a green gloopy blob was used as a stand in for the later animated creatures, these became known amongst the cast as 'Ompa Loompas'

So there you go for now...hope you appetite has been sufficiently whetted, more to come...obviously.


Mary Marcum said...

May I your permission to use your Photos of Christopher Heyerdahl from the Wolf Haven One event on my website: Of course giving you credit for the photos.

Emma said...

thanks for visiting...yeah sure as long as you give me a credit.

Firefly mom said...

You had me until the whole eating-nothing-but-Mickey D's ;P

And really, how skinny do her legs have to be to not look like shiny sausages in those pants?? I shudder at the thought of what mine would look like in those.