Thursday, October 09, 2008

Over the Hill and Far Away....

Another gorgeous day...and on my day off too, for a change, and so today I caught the train to Arundel, a local village which has some great views, a Catherdral, boating lake and Castle...the only problem is that considering it's proximity to Worthing it's apparently incredibly difficult to get to....I wanted to walk round Arundel Park and have been trying to get there all summer...there is no bus at the weekends (ridiculous considering the places' popularity) and due to 'works on the line' there are no trains either....and all summer long, when it reached my day off during the rained.

So, anyway, like I said today was a cloudless and positively balmy at 19 degrees so complete with picnic off I trotted....I've been to Arundel and the lovely Swanbourne Lake (which during much of my childhood was devoid of water due to some suspect water board activities) dozens of times in my lifetime...not once however have I been into the adjacent park...which is possibly why shortly after I set off i got a little lost....walked a good mile out of my way, couldn't figure out where the main path was so back tracked and when I finally completed my figure 8 walk (which should have been circular) I realised had I taken a left turn at one point I would have picked up my original path without any trouble what-so-ever...oh well, good for the fitness I guess, since it was up and down, thigh busting goodiness......Oh, and I took some pics too, natch.

What was your view when you had lunch today? Mine was this......

Ooooh, pruddtee

Swanbourne Lake...complete, lake (which went missing for much of the 80s)

I walked up a track next to the treeline on the left...and shortly after got a bit lost.


Firefly mom said...

I want to go *there* when I fly over! Those pictures are beautiful! And your view at lunch was much better than mine (which was a pile of papers that I was needing to feed through the shredder before taking them to the recycle bin).

I'm still in awe at all your walking. Forget Nike's "Just do it" slogan to get me going, it should be "Emma does it" ;D

Emma said...

you'll love Arundel....though it's a bugger to park in the busy summer seasons....and I've never been into the castle itself since it's £13.00 to get in....and I'm all about the free at present.....As for the walking, as long as the sun's shining I'll be Downs never gets old.