Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Big Cornish Write Up Part 5

Yup, well I've been's not a very positive place I'm in right now and to close my eyes is to awaken to another day of the same old tripe of which I have become accustomed, so the Internet is becoming both my twilight distraction and the cause of my non sleepy....but this schmooze is boring, a trifle selfish and as interesting as an episode of Eastender's so we'll move swiftly onward:

Day 6

6 days in a row and I've not only been awake before midday (8/9am in fact) but have been out and about and been involved in some form of puff inducing exercise....go me.

Okay, so today I covered the most in terms of mileage but in a somewhat cheaty fashion as it was time to say farewell Natty and the Newquay area to Helston and my very good friend, railway enthusiast, former bell ringer, Blackadder quoting and tractor driver, Tommo.....via Megan from Devon who became taxi driver for the day.

I booted my suitcase and we travelled north, the opposite direction to where I actually needed to be for getting to Helston but I was dying to visit a place called Bolventnor, smack bang in the middle of Bodmin Moor and a pub called Jamaica Inn (fans of Hitchcock should be familiar). It's a rustic looking place and is home to an impressive collection of smuggling artifacts and, apparently, a dozen or so ghosts....I was basically looking for a bit of inspiration for the cogs of creativity which have rusted in recent months. It was very interesting and also had a nicely put together tale of smuggling, murder and other such damsel-esque debauchery which entertained sufficiently to warrant the did the slice of chocolate cake.

There was some discussion as to the next course of action, as we had much time to kill before meeting with Tommo in Helston, and after much umming and ahhing it was decided that a place called St. Mawes (at least in the right vicinity) was worth an inspection. Megan's driving I might add was both satisfactory and at times not unlike Super Mario Cart, but got us from A-B without needing emergency services.

St Mawes is a nice picturesque village, opposite Falmouth, it's compact and no doubt can get rather congested in the busy months, fortunately for us it was a wet(ish) non holiday day which also enabled us to explore the small castle in the riverside.

We set off for Helston after a couple of hours exploring and met up with Tommo for a wonderfully filling at the Blue of the oldest pubs in the country with over 600 years of brewing.

Oh and also for your viewing pleasure here's some pics of Petworth Park, a place dad and I ventured to recently for a wander just before Autumn kicked in:


Kimberly said...

Wow, I saw this show about haunted places and they were at the Jamaica Inn. A person with the TV group was possessed by a ghost in the attic and they flopped around like a fish out of water! Freaky wierd stuff!

I just love your photos!
I would love to do a tour of castles!

Firefly mom said...

You should write an England walking-tour and include all your photos. I'd buy it!

Or how about I hire you as our tour guide when(ever) we make it over there! You sure seem to know all of the best places to go.

Hope this week is looking a little sunnier for you!

Emma said...

Oh I still have a few places to explore little Isle aint a bad place to hang out on once in a while...though I wish I could go into hibernation from Nov-April