Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Big Cornish Write Up Part 4

Oh my good god, the boredom...I've watched Hairspray 3 times in the last 24's the sing-a-long version dontcha know...and if my parents didn't realise, they may now have an inkling....ahem....anyhoo.....

Day 5

The first day of no concrete plans so it was a slow start, for a change. Upon seeing the blue skies outside it quickly became apparent that a walk was in order. I caught the bus to Crantock, a nice sand dune laden beach a short distance from Newquay and, initially, had only intended to wander along the headland...a nice circular walk in the 4-5 mile region.....before I knew it however I had wandered halfway to Perranporth.
Crantock Beach

Why you don't wander from the path on the Cornish coast
Where I stopped for a pastie, epic waves

I'd stopped a while at a place called Porth Joke a cove of idyllic proportions and ate my pastie while watching a group of three seal surfing in the epic waves (whipped up by the remnants of one of the recent hurricanes)....I could have sat there all day....I wandered over to Holywell bay, another lovely sand dune lined beach at which I enjoyed an ice cream while I emptied my trainers of accumulated sand. I was gong to call it a day there, catch the bus back to Newquay, but the sun was still shining and I knew I still had much puff to expend so I figured I'd at least venture around the headland to catch a glimpse of the famous Perranporth Beach....famous due to the Beeb TV series Seaside Rescue. When I got there however I realised I was now nearer to Perranporth the I was got Holywell bay and that since I could see the resort it shouldn't take too long to get there.....

I hadn't figured of course on the massive sand dunes and having to complete the last couple of miles of my journey walking along the beach...walking on a beach is difficult enough but ridiculously steep sand dunes is just, well....ridiculous. I got a little disorientated in the dunes when I had to venture off the main path and then tried to relocate the tiny little marker post while stopping every few minutes to empty have the beach from my footwear......still I eventually got back to civilisation and caught the next bus back to Newquay....the distance eventually covered by the way was 9 1/2 miles.....yes, for fun.


Firefly mom said...

OK, my first thought was: "Good God, woman! You're nuts! Nobody walks 10 miles for fun!" But those photos alone were worth it.

BTW, I love how you post those little maps showing your route. Is that something you do on your computer, or is there a website that'll do that for you? It's very cool.

Can't wait for the next installment of vacation photos. In the mean time, did you catch up on all your SGA and Supernatural episodes?

Emma said...

I wasn't planning on walking that far to begin with....just kinda went with it...and yes I did get wet from the big black clouds in the latter pics....the map pics are from google earth....I can map the route and then save the image on print screen....a little tweaking from my picture editing programme and Robert's your dads brother.

Loved the latest Supernatural episode classic B-Movie monster fest fun with added postmodernism and plenty of Ackles goodliness....and SGA Carson kicked ass....go Carson!!

As for the other holiday pics....I'm getting there and since it's now looking likely I'll be jobless soon, i guess I'll have plenty more time for writing up.