Friday, April 04, 2008

Weebles Wobble

For those wondering, yes I am still alive....look here I am *waves*. I am however down in the dumps.

First, my computer developed a USB port problem, as in I couldn't use the damn things.....It's amazing how much stuff gets plugged in to those little buggers and I've been listening to the same songs on my MP3 for approximately 6 vital TLC was needed (mainly because I may actually turn into a 70's disco dancer if I listen to 'Ma Baker' one more time). Naturally the problem wasn't an easy fix and was directly related to the virus of a couple of months, blah, blah, techno babble, blah, blah and I eventually get my computer back.

In the mean time, I had wandered into town during an utterly abysmal day; rain coming in sideways mixed with a slushy ice mix is a favourite weather condition of mine. On the way I passed a lady, on a particularly narrow part of the pavement, who had her face buried in a book (now I'm normally an advocate for broadening ones literary horizons, but what happened next is probably why such activities are best kept to park benches and comfy couches.....besides not sure Jordan's autobiography can really be classed as 'literary' ) As I gave the woman some extra space in passing, since she hadn't acknowledged my existence, my foot slipped off the wet kerb, I bent my ankle at an angle which should only be practiced by gymnasts, managed not to fall into the path of the oncoming traffic. I felt ligaments tear away from bone and grabbed onto nearby fence as I sent forth a deluge of choice phrases, which no doubt educated the mother and toddler on the opposite side on the road......I spent the next few minutes pondering, between waves of intense pain, how I was going to make it to my appointment (a further ten minutes walk away) and watched the book-reading figure disappear without so much backward glance.

Later that afternoon I wrapped the ballooning ankle in a wet towel and attempted to thaw/dry out from my utter drenching (waterproof jacket my arse).

That was a week ago, I have since been through several stages of 'Ouch'....currently the setting is hovering around the 'fine as long as I don't rotate it to the right' mark. Oh, and I have learned that when crossing the road at a pelican crossing (that's the one with the red and green man for those who don't know) I am apparently expected to go from 'hobble' to 'sprint' at the sound of a revving engine as soon as the green man starts to flash, no matter where my position on the highway.....the educating continues as I demonstrate my sign language to said motorist.

So, like I said I have the computer back and everything was fine...for about two days at which point Internet freezing, abundance of pop-ups and sloooooooooow connection just possibly indicates a problematic event....I guess I'd better be on the lookout for cracked paving slabs, dodgy curbs, wayward pedestrians and of course those pesky pebbles (see entry Jan 24th 2008) as if the cycle of problems continues I see a broken appendage in my future.

Right I'm off to eat my leftover Easter 250g slab of Dairy Milk, and by eat I mean devour..... quite possibly followed by throwing up.....Then settle down to watch the finale of Torchwood....and if the rumour mill is true I'd better have a box of tissues handy!


Firefly mom said...

After Cody broke his foot last year (and by broke, I mean even the orthopedic surgeon was shocked at what he did to it) I threatened to wrap him in bubble wrap every time he left the house. Shall I be sending you some as well??

It's nice to know that the same sign language applies there as here. I have been know on occasion to tell other drivers to "be fruitful and multiply" - but not in those words ;)

And look on the bright side, *at least* you had easter candy to munch while recovering. Chocolate makes everything better!

Emma said...

Ouch...dare I even ask what shinanigans he was up to when that occured....always good fun to flummox the doctor.

I'm good for bubble wrap wouldn't last long enough to wrap a little finger to be honest...the theraputic poppy goodiness has long been a particular vice of mine.

Firefly mom said...

He was riding his scooter with the dog's leash attached like a dogsledder. The dog zigged, the scooter zagged and the child flew. He broke 5 bones and dented another. They had to pack it with cadaver bone. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere, but I don't think I'll find it till I finish paying the hospital!

Ah, I remember loving to pop bubble wrap. Now, I never get to hold onto it long enough to pop it myself!