Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just a quickie since I appear to have caught a head cold (I blame the dastardly Jonathan Woodward) and am currently sitting here with my nostrils plugged with tissue....attractive, and yet also slightly comical (no picture sorry, you'll have to use your imagination)

Torchwood Episode 3....Awww how sweet for Tosh and Wowzer at about 34 mins and 34 seconds....somebody throw a bucket of water on 'em (second thought make that chocolate sauce and whipped cream..... *whistles innocently*)....and by the way was this episode made at the end of the filming schedule....big end of the world scary time rift thingy = very, very bright light in face of actor...c'mon beeb, who you trying to kid!

For those who missed it earlier (and dad look away)


Chloe said...

Bugger me! I'm still not over it!

Emma said...

go get yourself a cold shower there girlie