Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Another Year Over

Happy New Year.....thought I'd get that out of the way nice and early....It's not really a big deal for me these days....paying extortionate amounts of money to sit in a pub, eat lots of carbs, listen to dodgy DJs play crap music and pay over the odds for a rum and coke lost its appeal many years ago....so i stayed in. As per usual mum was in bed and settled before the 'big event' and I watched the last ten minutes of a completely shambolic live BBC 1 show....It was very cringeworthy television with missed links, randoms blundering into shot, vox pops with people who didn't speak English and others who obviously couldn't give a monkeys and a couple of live performances from people who A) I'd never heard of, B) looked about 12 and C) couldn't hold a note if their life depended on it.......Should've tuned into the Hootnanny on BBC 2 but I only wanted to see the fireworks....which were actually pretty damn good.

So here's to another year.....in which I have already discovered that I appear to be allergic to the special anti-viral tissues mum bought for dad's (man) flu....yep, only I could be allergic to something which is supposed to improve you condition....figures.

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