Saturday, August 04, 2012

Me Day!

August 2nd 2012 was an important day. Team GB won no less than 3 Olympic Gold medals as well as a couple of Silver was the anniversary of me! 33 years old, ugh, not quite sure I'm okay with this considering I still feel about 19...which apprently is agreed upon in every bar and place which sells alcohol as I'm constantly asked for ID when I fancy a tipple.

Anyhoo, when I wasn't watching Team GB making history I decided to check out the new museum in Chichester.  I know, I do indeed know how to party.  Chichester is pretty old and every so often when they dig up a road or build a housing estate they find Roman stuff.  In the 1960's the remains of a Roman baths was discovered in the middle of the city so to preserve it, they put a car park on top of it....naturally.  Finally someone remembered they'd stuck a car park on the top of an ancient site and thought perhaps they should do something about that, uncovering the baths and, literally, built a museum around it.

To the untrained eye this may look like a bunch of builders rubble, but the projected image left shows what the baths would have looked like.

Ah, the Romans, gave us under floor heating in the 1st Century...2000 years later we figured it out on our own, why on Earth did we chuck out this idea when for around 8 months of the year it's friggin' freezing!

This is not just any old rubble, this is Roman painted 'wall paper' rubble

Something which should be reinstated immediately....the portable stocks....

.....And this is a good reason why

 Chichester cathedral...look actual blue sky and sunshine.

After an amazing lunch in Chi town we headed over to Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Once upon a time in the 1960's a bloke was digging a trench in a field when he happened upon this.

 The foundations of the under floor heating

 Mosaics were all the rage in your average Palace.

Amazingly technical designs starting with geometric themes like above in 1AD to more elaborate designs by 2AD

It's Cupid riding a Dolphin, apparently that's how the Romans roll

 Alfredeus lost count of the tiles one day and then mysteriously disappeared.

When bored with one design just build another on top...simples.

A replica of the Palace garden

Presents! not Roman, but a huge jar of sweets and ice cream glasses...though no-one thought to buy any spinkles....or fudge sauce....or ice cream for that matter so the sundae will have to wait.


Chloe said...

Haha I love that stocks comment!

Emma said...

well buffoonery is my specialty...not exactly my fault, it's in the genes ;-)

Firefly Mom said...

I had a comment all thought up and then you went and threw in the picture of treats with the curly wurly bar and my brain quit working.

That helmet is a good look for you. I think you should make that your FB profile pic. :D

Emma said...

I don't think the helmet is making a comeback anytime soon...thing is bloody heavy

Firefly Mom said...

It's a shame, really. You just don't see a whole lot of helmets nowadays.