Monday, August 06, 2012

Emma's Grand Day Out

There I was yesterday morning happily snoozing away, safe in the knowledge that there was nothing pressing which needed my attention.  I was still elated after watching Team GB's massive medal day with our treble Golds in Althletics & earlier in the Rowing.  It had been epic, and I could only wonder what the feeling must have been like at the Olympic Park.

As quickly as it took to answer a phone call my whole Sunday changed.  Dad knocked on my bedroom door " How do you fancy going to the Olympics?"...."Um, do bears shit in woods?" was my response. My sister, who had managed to get tickets to a few events, had already attended the Hockey & has tickets for Football later in the week.  My sister-in-law had fallen foul of something dodgy and spent much of the night worshiping the porcelain god, leaving her in no condition to attend a long day at Sundays Basketball session, so they offered them to us.

After a couple of hours organising food, route to the car park & transport and other essentials (umbrella, mac etc) we set off for Olympic London, baby!

From the moment we arrived at the connecting train station there were dozens of helpful volunteers with information and directions.  The security checks were flawless and quick to pass through, manned by friendly military personnel.  Within minutes dad & I were walking into Olympic Park.

For the past week I have been enthralled & amazed by the nail biting action in the different Arenas & fascinated by the design and style of the Olympic Park.  Suddenly I'm only actual bloody there!

The Olympic Park is surrounded by banks of grass & flowers which lends a truly British tint to the design

This however is very American ;-)

The Auqatic center where Micheal Phelps has been so legendary. The Design is apparently representative of a Blue Whale....if you squint and turn your head to the left a little.

Nearby is the Olympic Village...Team GB! 

The water polo arena

The Queens Royal of the Jubilee & looking appropriately front of a car park.

There be that famous Stadium thingy, Usain Bolt won the 100m sprint that evening.

Proof I was the back ground the viewing platform, which will be a National tragedy if it isn't turned into a helter skelter after the event.

The Cycling Velodrome...on of my friends is a volunteer in there, the noise inside equates to standing within 100 feet of a jet engine. *sticks fingers in ears*

The Olympic Park Live area...aka the picnic area with a big screen.  Andy Murray won a Gold medal against Federer while I was at the park, the noise was unbelievable.

The Side of the Hockey Arena, the wind playing its part to display the flags photogenically.

 Same at the BMX Arena, now that would have been exciting to spectate.


Inside the Basketball Arena...known as the Marshmallow, apparently because of the white, bubbly looking, plastic covering

And we're off...first up Croatia (white) vs. Turkey (red)

Well, Um....yeah....okey dokey then.

Half time entertainment proved very popular with my dad

Team GB warm up

Between the Jubilee, the Euro Cup & all the Gold Medals I think we got this National Anthem thing down ;-)

Then tip off (see I got the terminology down)

Mostly though I was confused about why the game stopped and started at seemingly random moments while loud music played.

All the single ladies! Put your hands up!

Team GB unfortunately weren't to be winners that night and Brazil won the round.

Then it was all over, it was after midnight as we filtered out of the Olympic Park and all other events had finished allowing this rather nice shot.

I finally crawled into bed shortly after 2.30am, after the most amazing day! (thanks to Em's dodgy food...which I had nothing to do thing...promise!)


Firefly Mom said...

First off, I can't believe that it has been so long since I've been on your blog. I've missed it!

What an amazing experience. I have always wanted to go to the Olympics. The closest I ever came was watching the men's gymnastics tryout for the 1984 Olympics (the one where the US men's team kicked hiney. ;) And glad to hear that security and such went so smoothly. I always pictured it to be a free-for-all, what with all of the people and all.

And yes, that outfit is decidedly American. I'm pretty sure I've actually seen that person in Portland. ;)

Emma said...

Well helloooo. I really need to post more on here. should have some stuff in just over 2 weeks ;-) The only thing I remember about the 1984 Olympics was a guy called Daley Thompson who then went on to be the face of Lucozade...stuff tastes like cat wee.

Firefly Mom said...

Well who doesn't like cat wee?? And yes, you better have a ton of good stuff in 2 weeks. I'll be waiting....