Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Cross Buns and other Stories

Blimey, doesn't time fly when you're not looking.  The last month has been amazingly sunny, ridiculously in fact and very unseasonal.  A couple of years ago much of the country had been covered in snow during April...this year much of the country has been basking in temperatures hotter than parts of the Med, L.A. and at one point Rio...whoop!

So then what does one do when Easter is hot enough to turn your eggs into puddles of molten Chocolate....turns out quite a lot actually.  Just so happens that the Easter weekend fell on my fathers birthday this year and because of the the dandy weather the traditional roast was ousted in favour of the BBQ.  My sister and her fiancee were cordially invited the garden based do and much merriment was father in particular had several pints of merriment and spent the latter part of the afternoon thoroughly examining the backs of his eyelids.

My sister takes charge of the BBQ while Emma stands at a safe distance after singeing the hairs off her arm

"Cheese"....and hot dogs, salad, chicken, tatties and cheesecake

The Birthday boy enjoys his pint (or 4)


After all our bellies were filled to acceptable levels Emma and I wandered up to offer the neighbourhood Donkeys some Easter munchies in the form of sliced apple.

Awww, cute, fluffy Donkeys

And after all that snacking on apple....

And in case you missed it

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