Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Wills & Kate Day

Well that was pretty darned fabulous.  I caved at all the hype and stayed at my sisters for a understated and exclusive party.  Watching footage of the big day thoughout the morning and most of the afternoon.  Highlights for me...wondering if the DVLA realised none of the wedding cars appeared to have a tax disc, the Queen with a blue blanket keeping her legs warm in the car just like my mum does on a nippy car journey, Kate's dress, what a delisciously heavenly dress, Harry's comment to Wills of 'Wait until you see her dress' as Kate approached the alter, Will's sly and cheeky wink during the service to his new bride, Kate's 'Oh, Wow!' comment as she stepped out onto the balcony and saw the thousands of people in the Mall, the kiss(es), Kate's little look back over her shoulder as she stepped back into the Palace and the Austin Martin 'JU5T WED' indeed.  In all a fabulous day and not a drop of rain in sight...In your face British weather!

Ready for the off

 What an amazing dress, Kate looked absolutely magical

Loved the cheeky looks Wills and Kate shared throughout the service

The carriage was gorgeous 

Just one or two folks in the Mall then

Gotta love a fly by

Though the little bridesmaid in the front left obviously not as keen

When close to a million people are chanting 'Kiss her' then I guess you oblige

What a sweet couple they are too

The Sea King fly by as Wills and Kate left Buckingham Palace

And the newlyweds leave in style...I think Harry may know something about the balloons and decorations...classy ;-)

It was a really nice, elegant and enchanting ceremony. It's easy to see why Wills and Kate are a favourite amongst us peasants.  Two very impressed thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

I woke up at six this morning so I was glued from then! It was perfect.

Kimberly said...

My daughter and I were up watching it this morning. I liked the way Will went all "school boy" and had to whisper sweet nothings to Kate when she came up to stand beside him. So sweet indeed!

Told my 11 yr old Liz, I was 11 when I saw his mom and dad married back in 1981 and they were showing clips of that wedding on our TVs as well. We didn't go all out with tea and scones, but we did enjoy the ceremony.

Cheers to their future!

Firefly Mom said...

Yes, but did you wear a crazy ass hat at your exclusive party? Hmm, I thought not. Commoner. ;)

We dvr'd it, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet (they started coverage around 1:00 a.m. here). I did see some bits of people arriving, the aforementioned hats, and Posh looking like she was attending a funeral whilst wearing a potato sack.

Emma said...

Clogs - I wondered as such, Hotham park had a been screen up apparently which I bet was fun...watching all the chavs drink themselves into a coma ;-)

Kim - I was nearly 2 when Charles and Di got hitched and we had a party in the back garden we made crowns and ate fairy cakes...and I thought it was my birthday ;-)

Carri-Ann - I know...there's no understanding the fashion choices of Posh. Then again Princess Beatrice appeared to be wearing antlers on her head so go figure. And no I wasn't wearing a crazy arse hat....though many of the commoners who the TV insisted on interviewing every five minutes seemed to have got dressed in the dark ;-)