Sunday, February 06, 2011

Life & Other Stuff...

Ahem, So it's been a while *blows dust off blog* My world went a little into the mundane and uninteresting with a dash of ick and blues.  Suffice to say when such things occur I tend to have very little to contribute to the world.

Christmas came and went, it was a small and low key affair, with various traditions observed and continued, though this year came with added kitten sitting.  This led to the rather amusing scenarios of the troublesome duo exploring new surroundings, learning the limitations of my mothers patience (fyi not at all long) concluding the plastic tree is not for consumption and that H2O from the running tap is vastly more exciting than that in the bowl....All this before the wrapping paper fiasco. 

And so some cute piccies....Archie finds himself a comfortable spot

 As does Oscar

Archie begins to plot shenanigans

The lure of Christmas wrapping proves to enticing for a couple of kittens

Archie pulls his best 'I didn't do it' face

Oscar is busted

And at the end of the day it just proves all a little too much

The blizzard and snowy conditions abated just prior to Christmas day, much to my disappointment....another year without a white Christmas, and the more familiar dull, grey and generally depressing murk and rain returned.  The all time worst kind of weather for me and therefore my mood was in danger of plummeting to a depressingly low for a few things:

My family, in their wisdom, had treated me to a wii with a few games in particular a rather addictive case of animated fun, and after barely a month I can consider myself to be fairly masterful of all things Mario the point where whipping the arse of my sister, her partner and my father is starting to get a little boring ;-)

On a particularly cold, murky and down right icky day mother produced an extra pressie in the form of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle...a few hours later it was complete and I raided the spare cupboard for more...then moved on to some kind of rabid puzzle fiend I continue to seek out and solve jigsaws, slapping away any hand who dares interfere with my task of finding just the right piece and then destroying it again before anyone barely gets a glance of the finished picture to move onto the next....I'm even starting to dream in 'puzzle' that weird?

Before my jigsaw obsession takes complete hold, there is one more thing which has been keeping me in check...focusing my inner moppet to all things geek.  A long time coming I decided to go to London for, what has become an annual, Wolf Gateway to Sanctuary Convention.  There had been talk of this particular convention coming to an end...recession, series ending, general lack of can take your pick of the reason.  So when this was announced with three guest I've met before but thoroughly enjoy being around and listening too, I could hardly turn down the chance....especially if this was going to be a farewell event.  And to be quite honest I missed my cuddies (con-buddies, for those not yet ofey with my nonsensical witterings)

It was to be a kind of test for me after recent months and to be honest could've gone either way, but thankfully I had most excellent time and for a whole weekend got to! But more on that another time.


Chloe said...

Those cats are SOOOOOO gorgeous

Firefly Mom said...

Hehe - I love them both scratching at the door. And with cats, you don't have the annoying claws-on-the-glass noise that dogs make when they scratch.

Sorry that you've been down. The grey weather affects me the same way (the sunshine is the one thing I do miss since moving back here.)

Glad you had fun at the convention! Can't wait to hear all about it. (meaning: type faster. :)

Emma said...

Clogs - yes they are, until they start eating stuff they're not supposed the Christmas tree!

Carri-Ann - convention report coming soon, was a much smaller event but no less entertaining ;-)