Monday, May 24, 2010

Wandering the Witterings

All of a sudden it's hotter than Cairo, so the beach has been a prominent feature of my weekend.  I, unlike many, chose not to venture into the water as the temperature is somewhere in the 12 degrees region and I prefer life without hypothermia ta very much.

The Witterings west of Bognor is a haven for sun worshippers, beach lovers and wildlife twitchers and is home to East Head, a sand dune spit which covers 10 hectares of land.  Today it looked pretty much like paradise in the sun.

Not the kind of beach normally associated with these parts....

Alas not my handiwork but pretty apt considering our neck of the wood has been hotter than most of the tourist hotspots


Firefly mom said...

Well it's nice to know that *someone* is having sunshine and warm weather. We still have the heat on, if you can believe it :P

The pictures are beautiful, especially East Head. How on earth can it be possible that there is nobody on the beach in those photos??

Emma said...

we've only had this superb weather since Friday and it's all change with a 15 degree drop in temp and thunderstorms forecast tomorrow...shorts back in the cupboard and the return of jeans and jumpers...And don't be fooled, there were plenty of folk on the beach I just managed to snap pictures in between the dog walkers and sunbathers ;-)

I can't believe that in my 30 years I've never been to East Head before and it's less than 15 miles away...doh!