Sunday, May 30, 2010

All Change

Unfortunately my laptop chose a very inappropriate time to go bugger up.  Fortunately it was only the screen and not the hard drive. Unfortunately laptops are rather pricey,  Fortunately it happened to go bugger up at a Bank Holiday weekend and there were offers a plenty.  Unfortunately it was a Bank Holiday weekend and going to crowded shopping centres is not my idea of fun.  Fortunately a spanking new and outrageously large Best Buy had just opened nearby and in a under an hour of checking out brands and avoiding dodgy salesmen, a shiny new Widescreen HD Dell Inspiron 1564 i3 250GB processor with windows 7 was mine...all mine.  And thus my old laptop of the last five years...with around 50 years worth of use...after being picked for usable parts, is on it's way to the dump.

And now for something cute and informative:


Kimberly said...

You seem to be taking the loss well, so I guess you are good about backing up your photos and all.

We LOVE Best Buy too!

Emma said...

considering the amount of times in the last year I thought I'd lost everything when a virus infected my computer I learnt to back up all the time! and now i have a massive external hard drive which I'll be keeping all the most important stuff. And we're new to the whole Best Buy experience, the one which opened is the 2nd in the country...the TV's they had there were obscene 50" 3D HD LED and various other techno abbreviations which mean nothing to me but apparently mean a £2,000 price tag

Kimberly said...

LOL, We have a 52 inch "wall-o-vision" in the living room and Roger has a 40-something in his man room. When we have a party, we use a projector to go jumbo size on the house. I guess you could say we American's like BIG!

You should be able to find American movies at good prices at Best Buy, without the long wait. So enjoy exploring your new store!

Firefly mom said...

So glad to hear that you finally have a reliable computer! Of course, this means that we'll be expecting lots of good bloggy fodder from you!

We got our two laptops on a massive sale at Best Buy right before Christmas. They have some great sales!