Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#You're Gonna Find Me......

Out in the country, la,la,la,la#......ahem

A summer person I definitely am....I love the heat, love the sunshine and love the fact that I can get out and about and explore. Since Sunday I have covered over 20 miles...yesterday I wandered to Pagham Harbour and lolled in a meadow reading Harry Potter from the beginning, being dived bombed by Swallows and hopefully sweating off a pound or two.

Spotted this canoodling pair just before I set off yesterday

Today, thanks to a high pressure, the temps shot up to mini-heatwave status...pushing 30, so I was dropped off....not at the beach as EVERYONE else seem to be doing, but to Kingley Vale once more. It is the most beautiful place and though some folk may think I'm utterly mad to take on the rather steep climb to the amazing cool summer breeze meant it was perfect conditions....the 2 3/4 litres of water which I took along also came in useful. Most wildlife choose to stay well hidden in the shade of the woodland...smarter buggers than I...and so I periodically swapped between the continuing adventures in the wizarding world and my own muggle daydreams absorbing the scenery.

The view from the top.....I could see the Isle of Wight...though it was a tad hazy

A Rabbit, most probably hiding from.....

A's there honest

There was in fact three swooping and riding the thermals...very difficult to snap a decent pic though

This little Jiminy landed on my foot then decided to rest a while on my....ahem.... "free" American Airlines blanket

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