Sunday, August 02, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

At approx 3.15am on the morning of August 2nd 1979, at Chichester Hospital in West Sussex, little 'ol me was born....after a labour of only 2 hours and four days late, I obviously couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to be born or not...though I'm still slow off the mark first thing in the morning.

So then, 30...what the heck is up with that? and more to the point where the heck did all the time go already?

I didn't have much in the way of plans...quite frankly I was happy to ignore the day completely in the hope that it would never happen, alas the world continued to turn, no black holes/time portals/ De Lorens were available, so I had to acknowledge this particular passing of time.

In a happy turn of events the crappy weather we've been have for the last few weeks decided to skip town and a gloriously sunny day spawned....We hadn't had a chance to plan much, apart from a Sunday roast so dad and I ventured to Kingley Vale for a walk....without any major mishaps either...yay me!.....very nice it was too....the proof is in the pix

Kingley Vale is a haven for wildlife, particularly butterflies:

Sliver Washed Fritillary

Red Admiral

Peacock (can't imagine why it's called that)

Painted Lady

Meadow Brown

Large White


And a couple of buggers they are and the first time I've managed to get a picture

We got back just in time for lunch and then I had my very first go on a wii thanks to my sister and her better half....Mario Kart rocks! (though I have a tendency to crash into walls and fall off the edge of the track...this after I realised I was holding the steering wheel upside down and started going round the course backwards....oh very dear)

Then of course there was cake....a very colourful, sickly, luscious cake....and I'm pretty sure I've had my entire quota of e-numbers for this month in just one slice...but who cares...It's my Birthday!!


Kimberly said...

That's the wildest cake I have ever seen in my life! There is so much food coloring in it that I chuckle to think about what will come out the other end!!! LOL

Glad you had a happy birthday!

Firefly mom said...

Glad to hear that you managed a walk without being maimed and scaring off the wildlife with colourful verbage ;D Those are fabulous photos of the butterflies. You may need to add "wildlife photographer" to your list of talents.

And that cake. There aren't words... ;D