Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter Wandering

It's been a tad nippy round here of late...and by nippy I mean barely registering above freezing since Christmas Day....brrrrr...but at least for the most part it's been sunny, yay. I have, since I have nothings else better to do, been out on occasion to enjoy some of this sunny one such occasion.

I wandered over to a local wetland, which was incredibly peaceful and largely frozen over, something which I've never seen before in this area. As I was walking along the footpath my attention was drawn skyward to a hovering bird of prey, who promptly pounced on a poor unsuspecting wading bird less than 10 ft in front of in hand I managed to capture some of the carnage....never before have I been so close to a bird of prey (upon investigating I'm pretty sure it was a Kestrel....or a Sparrowhawk) in general, let alone one having a late afternoon snack of plump, uber cool.....and not another soul bore witness to this event either, most having better sense to preserve life by huddling next to some kind of heat source rather than losing appendages due to frostbite in an effort provide blogspot with some visuals....ahem, anyhoo...said visuals:

The following image I like to call "You're next, sucker"

After watching for about an hour I realised the sun had started to set, quite spectacularly, and so took up position to take in all it's glory.

After almost another hour and with frost starting to settle on everything, including me, I trundled off home....handily some kind person, who'd been clearing hedgerow, had made a bonfire of clippings and so I was able to restore feeling to certain extremities on the return journey.


Kimberly said...

Cool bird pics! He sure was a brave little booger! He wasn't going to leave his meal for anything.

Jenn said...

Utterly beautiful!!!

Firefly mom said...

Hmm, I can't help but wonder if the poor thing felt a bit like Lindsey Lohan when she's caught by the photogs shoving a burger in her mouth ;) I will say - I'd much rather see these photos!

And once again you've reminded me that I need to get off my duff (in front of said heat source) and get outside - no matter the weather. We've been a "warm" 48 degrees, but not much sunshine here.

Emma said...

The sea froze yesterday....the sea people!! that hasn't happened here since 1963....and yet in my home town not one snowflake humpf....oh well, looks like our mini ice age is to come to an end this weekend when we can get back to the usual of wind, rain, grey skies...ahhh good times.

Kim - the bird didn't leave a morsal, save for a few feathers

Jenn - I know, it's nice round the wetlands and amazing in the current weather conditions.

Firefly mom - Don't be so absurd Lindsay Lohan doesn't eat...that just doesn't fit in to her busy pouting, dummy spitting and partying schedule ;-)

I'm not always about the 'getting off duff' (not the beer) either...for example today I had a duvet day and watched Bugs (the TV series not the leggy creatures)....I know Pro-duc-tive

Kimberly said...

I am giving you two awards for your blog. See my blog for more info.

Thank you for taking me on walks through the English countryside. You have no idea what your pictures mean to me!

Firefly mom said...

The very last episode of SGA aired tonight. I will be wearing all black tomorrow to signify the beginning of my period of mourning...