Monday, January 12, 2009

End of an Era

It's officially the end of a couple of things...

1.) the cold snap came to an abrupt halt today with temperatures into double figures for the first time in nearly three weeks and the frost replaced with dreary ol' rain, so no more exploring for me for the immediate future....I hate to venture out in the rain, preferring instead to clean the lavatory and take on the immense task which is cleaning my room...that's how much I hate the wet stuff, come back icy weather.

2.) Stargate: Atlantis comes to an end tomorrow night, I'm aware some have already seen the final part, since it aired across the pond last Friday, but for once I figured I'd watch it on terrestrial....another one bites the dust, decent Sci-Fi shows are becoming few and far between (ITV's current attempt Demons is a big fat fail, even with Phillip 'You're surrounded by armed bastards' aka Gene Hunt's dull, dull, dull), probably not helped by the current money troubles across the board, which makes me thankful of my epic DVD collection.....And at least the show will get a farewell in a little under two weeks time with a group of eccentric and fun loving individuals and some of the cast themselves at the ultra cool Wolf Pegasus 4...rock on!

So, anyhoo, here's a couple of pics on my last wandering:

On the towpath to Chichester......The ice covered the entire canal and seemed to be at least 2 inches thick

Dell Quay....On one of the last days of the cold snap, the temperatures failing to get above -1 C

Fluffed up Robin

My attempt at cleaning my's a work in progress


Kimberly said...

OMG, you still have stacks of VHS tapes! We got rid of all of those about a year or two ago. Most of them were old and the tape was starting to stretch when you would watch them. Make a "wish list" of any of them that you would like on DVD and pitch them. They take up so much room! We saved our home movies as files on a external hard drive. It looks very organized though.

Emma said...

The VHS tapes are the stuff I can't get on DVD...loads of old TV series etc and I'm looking into getting a VHS converter and an external hard drive so I can get rid of them all....some date back to 1989!!

My first VHS was Rupert and the Frog song in 1985, which I still have in perfect working order amongst those stacks somewhere.

Trust me, organized it 'aint.

Firefly mom said...

Gee, it dates all the back to 1989?? How ancient! *snort*

I'll let you in on my little dvd storage trick: I bought a cd-rom case (one of those zip up deals, that hold about 100) and I put all of our DVD's in it. I stored all of the empty cases in a large box in the attic. Now they take up a lot less space (and it's alphabetized, for your convenience ;)

Last weeks SGA was a little weird, but it will make sense when you watch the finale. All I can say is: they better hurry up with that made-for-TV movie, because I'm not ready for it to be over yet. Between this ending, and having to deal with a new Dr., this is going to be a stressfull year!

Emma said...

I have a storage unit on my wall which houses my vast DVD collection....all alphabetized....I kinda like to look over and see them all, like a comfort blanket....I know 1989 isn't too long ago but I don't think we even owned a VHS player much before was a top loading in our household that's old ;-)

I get a little jealous of ppl with older tapes because i'm a bit of a nostalgia collector/junkie...especially tv series from my childhood, vastly superior to most of which is shown on childrens TV these days....Doctor Who excluded natch.