Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brief Interlude

For now, I have returned to the vacuous space which is Co-op while I serve the last few shifts of my notice before embarking on....well....I'm not quite sure what at present, but I'm sure there will be a fair amount of mulling, mooching and melancholy before I regain some form of purpose.

Today however was much of the same gumpf which I have been happily un-missing in my recuperation...many people moaning and groaning as to the price of food stuffs, unscanning and uncooperative BOGOF's, unrealistic expectations 'A tenner for cash' or 'Tesco does' and down right blatant thievery....of which I single handily brought to a stop this afternoon when some young upstart armed with a giant shopping bag attempted to make off with a shelf full of Ferrero Roche (obviously he has his own embassy to run and as everyone is feeling the pinch this Christmas)....after clocking me stocking sheves in the aisle he was about to pinch from he moved on to the Christmas display round the corner. I followed and stood over his shoulder, which went down as well as a fart in a sleeping bag, until he muttered something about not being a thief and wandered toward the 'in' door....located adjacent to the 'exit' door out of which I stepped, cutting off the cunning, sticky fingered assailant in his escape. I stood my ground asking to see the content of his shopping bag...he feigned ignorance until I called to a colleague (who was well out of earshot unbeknownst to the young thief) who quickly gave up the contents before hotfooting away empty handed...yay me.

Green-Eyed Guy also put in an appearance on Monday....quite possibly the final time I shall stutter my way through some inane conversation in the hope he should see my amazingness in Co-op packaging....though he did show some concern as to my back strain and the fact that my home shall once again be Bognor Regis rather than Worthing (for those not in the know Bognor Regis is, in the UK, what Homer Simpson is as a poster child for a Health and Fitness drive ).....meh, I have 5 more shifts and but two in which I know Green- Eyed Guy may put in an appearance....after which I'm sure he'll be pleased to once more go about his shopping without the blithering and slightly stalky checkout girl.

Also today one of my colleagues challenged me to a 'word of the day' type thingy...since I have a habit of confuzzling many members of staff by using English.......from my academic days. Today young Eli, not satisfied with my 'combobulation' demanded a word of at least 6 letters beginning with 'P'......'pyschoanalytical' is the first thing which came to mind, granted it doesn't often come up in everyday conversation, and kudos to Eli for not suggesting that it actually began with an 's'.

Oh, I also have no Internet in Worthing at present so will be unable to make an entry for a week or so....the only reason I'm popping in this collection of ponderings and happenings is due to a brief excursion to the parentals and an outing to Londontown upon the morrow to an 'event'.......To Be Continued


Kimberly said...

Have fun and keep in mind that you only have a fw more days left at the old job!!

Jenn said...

I hope your last few days are uneventfull.

Firefly mom said...

Hmm, maybe you should list your crime fighting skills on your resume? Who know what kind of position you could garner ;)

I'm glad you got to see green-eyed guy one more time.