Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Simple Things

First thing in the morning I am not best known for my perky demeanor, have lackluster enthusiasm for activity (especially work related), the ability to do long multiplication in my head is nil (this actually transcends the day) and to get more than a grunted response before 10am is a small miracle....today however I did find a few minutes of animation to chortle to myself, due to the signage of a passing lorry. The sign read 'Bumblehole Foods' and my brain, which was running far behind my eyes at the ungodly hour of 8am, managed to omit a few letters (if you need help working it out it was the middle three of 'Bumblehole').....yes, I known, as a mature and recently graduated academic....such basic and vulgar humour should have been beneath me.....but the five year old brain is way more fun.


Firefly mom said...

Glad to know that my brain isn't the only one that does this. To be honest, it really has little to do with the time of day (though hours of sleep does seem to be a factor). It also musses with my hearing, as I tend to hear odd things, too. And they all tend to fall into the snickering schoolgirl category of humor ;D

I have a question for you (actually, the question comes from my son who asked me to ask you) - what is the traditional way to eat crumpets? They had them at the market and Cody plunked them into the cart. Now he's curious to know how they're "supposed" to be eaten. Toasted? Butter? Jam?

Kimberly said...

*snort* immature giggles are the best!
Life's little pleasures!

When you plan your next visit to the "mouse house" or IOA let me know. Jenn (popwowprincess.blogspot.com) and I will meet you for a girls night out at City Walk. I think Harry Potter is suppose to be finished winter of 09 or spring of 10. We can't wait!

Jenn said...

Emma- How dare you not be productive...:) I love Lord of the Rings. Wish I had that much time on my hands. We are packing. You'd think we were a family of 10. Too many family pieces. Sorry for your bad day!
Love, Jenn

Kimberly said...

My husband took the name of his blog from the Lord of the Rings movie. Gandalf yells, "Fly you fools", just as the bridge is breaking under their feet.

I use to like the song Blue Velvet, but now I just think of that stupid movie! Ruined it for me!

When are you going to give us a new post. Something specifically British!