Friday, June 27, 2008

Humdrum with a Pinch of the Crazy

Not anything terrifically interesting to talk about really....tomorrow is the 'Audience with the Hewlett's' and anyone who knows me realises that I would have been there if I could but for a couple of and the stupidity that is my job...which means I have to work on a Saturday...until 10pm no no Hewlett's for be fair I probably scared them enough back at P2 a couple of years ago and the restraining order still has a couple of months on it, so best no rock the boat....;-)

So, what has been the highlight of my week...well let's run through shall, work work (at which there's no bags, no change, no staff...too many customers, too many vouchers, too many miserable sods.....staff and customers...dodgy equipment, which is apparently my fault....and at one point no electricity...also apparently my is the price of bread which has increased air-con, because of the electrician brought in no fix the electricity problem....oh, and today a middle-aged drunk with a lazy eye announced that he prefers to be served by the 'cuddly' ladies on staff....don't really know what to do with that, except for maybe get a restraining order of my own)

What else have I been up got nothin'....oh, wait I bumped into a slightly off the ball gent, with wild hair and dressed in a pin-stripe suit who was in search of a banana to shove in the tailpipe of strange, metallic, cone shaped individuals who appeared to be vaporising cotton tops who weren't quick enough to run up flights of stairs.......hmmmmm, there is a slim chance that may have been a dream......which reminds me...the first part of the finale of Doctor Who tomorrow....Woo-hoo...which almost makes up for missing out on the Hewlett's......I said almost.


Firefly mom said...

My condolences to you for having to miss the Hewlett's. Had I the money, I would be in the front row making a complete arse of myself. (Maybe I could get a restraining order of my own?? ;)

Sorry your week has been so crappy. Don't you just love how stupid people can ruin a perfectly good day? OK, maybe not "perfectly good" since you are working where you are working, but you get the idea.

And at least you'll get to come home tomorrow and spend an hour with the wonderful David Tennant ;D

Emma said...

Yes indeed knowing I have Doctor Who to look forward to helps a tad....and of course Captain Jack, Ianto and others....quite the reunion in this finale