Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I move house in four days....four days people and there's a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be sorted before then.....TV licence, wrap Christmas presents, arrange DSS appointment in Worthing Branch, get a job, write and post Christmas cards....and , um, well pack everything. Notice my priorities there, hmm maybe I should work through that 'to do' list backwards.

I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff which I've forgotten about which also need to be taken into consideration for the move....like why the heck am I moving house this close to Christmas....but certain parental factions are sure to have the slack and will probably be whipping me with it before long.....personally I'm of the 'chuck everything into a box and sort it out sometime in the future' vain of moving, but I'm not too sure how successful that will turn out...meh.

So the countdown continues and I'm sure there's something constructive I could be doing right now......Ooo, is that a split end...better sort that.


play up pompey said...

forgotten the tea towels and the coathangers, WHAT ?? !!!
no need for the tea towels one thinks that you have to wash the dishes first !! and as for the hangers, hang it on the floor as usual don't change the habit of a lifetime!!.

Emma said...

I do the washing up thank you very much...and i thought I may try a new look for clothing....at least until i get my easy chair moved in, then i'll have somewhere to put them again