Thursday, December 13, 2007


The incomprehensible has happened....I just don't know what to will I possibly cope?......I just keep pinching myself hoping that it is in fact some kind of terrible nightmare, but then I open my eyes and see something which chills me to the core......

"No satellite signal is being received"
I'm not going to panic, going to happen....I can manage without television, it's not like I'm addicted or it me or is it getting hot in here, my palms are getting awfully sweaty.......I'm just going to sit in the corner on my own for a while, hug a pillow and rock gently for a few hours......but not because I'm panicking.


Chloe said...

Yeah I fully understand this one. It's not quite so bad when you're not paying for channels.

Emma said...

worse is the fact that it's a dodgy old tv which has never been tuned into terrestrial channels so when the sky goes on the blink I lose ALL television.....ARGH!!