Friday, June 08, 2007

Thundercats, Ho!

Apparently Thundercats are up for revival. Is this postmodern version however Waner Bros have decided that a live action adaptation is the way to go.....this could go terribly wrong. Are the actors going to be made up to look like cats or are they going to drop that aspect which case wouldn't it just be Thunder?

Still, it will be interesting to see who they decide to cast, my suggestions: Lion-O; Heath Ledger (A Knights Tale), Panthro; Micheal Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile), Tygra; Shane West (ER), Cheetara; Uma Thurman (Kill Bill), WileyKat; Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), WileyKit; Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Ben Gali; Sean Connery, Mumm-Ra; Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Glactica, new series) and, finally, Snarf; Jack Black.

Off the top of my head that is.

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