Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gangsta Paradise

Cor Blimey, it all kicked off last night round my way. I'm certainly the last to know about things....Basically a huge brawl broke out downstairs at the front of the building. Two gangs (probably drug related) had a go at each other and one bloke got beaten up with a crow bar, someone else pulled a gun and fired off some shots (though apparently they were blanks) and then ran off. He was chased down and stabbed nearby. (both guys are recovering in hospital). The police showed up, arrested were made and a search took place for the gun....all very C.S.I.

The gang members are apparently spread out amongst all blocks of MP and are mostly from London...It's nice to see that they left that life behind to concentrate on making something better of themselves at uni....the funniest thing is that one of the guys involved is studying Law!

Hey-ho, I'm out of here in a few days now....Back to Bognor Regis just in time for the influx of tourist from the

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joshstudio said...

We're all gunna die!! Ahhhh!