Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Computer last a computer which doesn't keep burning out on my ass. It's an Inspiron 6000 from Dell with centrino intel inside, extra memory, a 14.5 screen, dvd RW and a thundercats desktop!

But mostly it just works...which was all i was askin' for really...I spent the better part of the day reloading all my files from my old laptop via a memory stick....I'm sure there's probably an easier way but I'm not excactly that great with the whole age of technology thing so that had to do.

Aslo since I had to go home to pick the thing up it means a weekend with sky television....this may not be a big deal to most.....but's SKY! 24, NCIS, CSI, SG:1, BFG, MiB (ok so the last two probably don't count but you get my drift)

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Chloe said...

You can show it off to me this weekend!