Saturday, February 11, 2006

Buffalo and Valentine's

A headline in today's news could have come straight out of the American national press; 'Buffalo Spark Dung Warning', apparently said buffalo have been half inched and the public have been warned not to approach the animals since they can fling dung several feet....Could it be that these be the weapons of mass destruction that Blair and Bush are so keen to find?!?

In other news, I wandered into town this afternoon to pick up a newspaper...A simple enough task one would assume... But I was forgetting that one of the most pointless days of the year is nearly upon us and the town centre was filled with loved-up pairs of saps who were ignorantly getting in my way whilst spending a small fortune on chocolate, vomit-inducing love cards and the complete dregs of, so called, musical artists' albums, with such delights as 'song's that say I love you' (yes it does exist) 'perfect love' (out of stock on or, even worse, 'Take That: the ultimate collection' (barf). As far as I'm concerned....Save your money people....You'll only have broken up in 6 months anyway and then have to divi up the rancid album collection anyhoo.

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