Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Post Haste

It has been a while since I updated cyberspace with my thoughts & observations, mainly since I've had very few of either.  That and the fact that yet again the powers that be decided to quite literally rain on my parade...continuously...for the past 2 months. 

It's been dreadful, the skies depressingly grey whilst we had every kind of rain imaginable...sideways, misty, huge giant drops, cascading torrents... even that type Forrest Gump mentioned which appeared to come up from the ground...It's been hideous, and in some kind of Bizarro World way, even though we've had a years worth of the wet stuff in the last couple of months, we are in drought complete with hosepipe bans and various restrictions...this while water has been happily flash flooding down the streets and into the drains?!?

So, no fun times have been had really as I grasped on to the meager hope that eventually summer would kick in.  Which it finally has. 27 degrees yesterday, hotter even today and hopefully continuing into the weekend when I and my trusty photographic device will be able to venture into the great British countryside for rambling type adventures.

We must after all make the  most of such  sunny occasions, as Wimbledon & the Olympics will kick in soon and it's fair to say that outdoor sporting activities and British weather have a damp squib relationship at best!

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Ove said...

Good to hear that it is not only in Norway we have had a horrible spring. Looking forward to seeing pictures, you live in such a beautiful place. :)

Regards, Ove