Monday, March 05, 2012

Two Colonels Walk into a Bar...

So, to continue the Chevron 7.8 write up introducing Garry Chalk and Tom McBeath, quite the double act on stage starting with banter between the two Stargate Colonels about Garry being the hard done by Russian and his voice work. Tom took on the stance that he doesn't get much work in this business as the people selling things don't like his voice to which Garry quipped "not true Tom, I've heard your voice...selling things"

The pair were asked about their favourite moment on SG1without hesitation Garry said " being hacked on by RDA" he went on to talk about a time when he had spent 3 weeks learning a monologue in Russian only for the scene to be cut before filming.  He apparently had some words about this and was able to do the scene, which was later left on the cutting room floor anyway, insert pantomime "ah" from audience.  He also mentioned that he visited the SGA set on a break from filming and sat in a conference room scene in his Col Chekov uniform, everyone was busy setting up and rehearsing the scene and he just snuck in and sat at the table.  As the cameras were about to roll he heard "Hey, you, Mr. Chalk get the fuck off my stage" from the director.

Tom talked about his final scenes as Col Maybourne phoning O'Neill from the Caribbean, actually English Bay Vancouver made to look like the Caribbean.  He was messing around and grabbed an extra, dancing off into the distance with her, which he never thought that they would used but subsequently made the cut. He added that it was at that moment he "found out who Maybourne was."

Tom talked about one of the crew members, Greenberg, who had previously worked on MacGyver who one day asked him why he had never worked on the show to which Tom replied " You son of a bitch, I auditioned 25 times and you never hired me" ah, the fickle world of show business.

Both men agreed that working with RDA was a pleasure although he had habit of ad-libbing which would throw the actors during a scene, Garry mimed checking his script, looking confuzzled  with a "wait, what?" expression. The pair agreed it seemed to be RDA's favourite thing to do and how he got his jollies on set.  Tom stated that whenever he was appearing the director got excited as RDA would "cheer up for a good couple of months" due to the terror in the eyes of the poor actor whenever he changed the lines.

Tom apparently got a little revenge as an episode saw him and RDA trapped on a planet where the characters had a very different approach to fishing.  O'Neill taking the traditional rod and line approach and Maybourne lobbing explosives into the water.  Tom apparently taking much glee in throwing the fish back to RDA, with little care in the precision in aim. Outtakes people, outtakes!

Tom's sister wanted something from the SG1 set, preferably something used by RDA, as a memento and apparently Tom swiped some chewing gum RDA has previously been masticating on and sent it to her, which is both genius and gross.

As previously mentioned Garry's voice work is pretty extensive, he has voice many of my favorite characters from my childhood, and he talked about a series he did in the early 90's Captain Zed & the Zee Zone.  He played the character Captain Flannel and immediately broke into song doing the characters signature tune...and I became 11 again, genius.

And for those who have never seen, or just wiped from the inner moppet memories:

Someone, *coughs*Wendy*coughs*, asked about a now infamous story from Garry about a particularly popular fizzy beverage and his ability to belch on queue.  To gales of laughter and many, many grossed out folk Garry recounted the time he was asked to belch, all in the name of voice acting.  He took a large swig of coke for mass effect, but instead of a perfectly pitched burp Mr. Chalk delivered what he described as a "giant flob of coke foam" complete with an "amniotic sack" which descended from his mouth, hit his script and "yo-yoed back into his mouth" The incident so amazing, the rest of the taping had to be cancelling for the day as the rest of the cast and crew couldn't pick themselves up off the floor for laughing.  As with many of us in the audience.  Coke-gate is apparently on tape somewhere and I'm thinking should be made available immediately on YouTube!

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