Saturday, October 23, 2010

Occasional October Outings

A couple of weeks ago the weather was fine, the sun was shining and a stroll along the prom with a stop for a picnic lunch and getting lost in my latest Clive Cussler beckoned.  A glorious weekend was had by many who took in the, very, late summer weather, shorts and ice cream popular choices on a day which mostly looked like this.

Less than two weeks later, a rather different story...a comfortable 23 degrees was replaced with a teeth chattering 5 degrees plus wind chill.  I, rather foolishly, had been clinging to my summer duvet...gradually adding blankets/sleeping under an attempt to convince myself that winter isn't on the way....mayhap it could skip Bognor altogether this year, we did after all get our fair share of 'brass monkeys' weather last winter.  Alas suddenly it's all -5 at night, dark in the a.m...and getting darker in the p.m. also. The only thing to keep me warm now is my fluffy slippers, my Ti-double 'g'-er hot water bottle and weekly dose of various hunky and adorkable chaps on Merlin.

Though along with the despicable weather there is, every so often, a clear spell in which to enjoy some of the aspects of Autumn.  And last Wednesday we did just that

Welcome to Sheffield Park Garden

And for those interested it looks like this in the summer

And as a bonus there's a pub a few miles down the road which does great homemade food with a cracking view to-boot


Kimberly said...

Beautiful, as always! We are in Kentucky and are suppose to go to a few tiny towns and possibly hunt for fossils in a old creek bed. I will see what I can get pictures of. They have had a really hot and dry summer and most of what I have seen so far is brown. We are also taking the kids to old Fort Harrod in Harrodsburg. Daniel Boone use to hang out there and they also have an old log cabin where Abe Lincoln's parents lived at one time. Also going to a civil war battlefield in Perryville.

Stay warm! It's 75-80 in KY during the days and 40-50 at night.

Ove said...

I just have to ask, are you a professional photograph? You allways post beautiful pictures. :)

Emma said...

Kim - sounds like fun, I was discussing with the parentals what kind of landscape Kentucky has, as none of us have ever ventured anywhere near...and as for staying's risen to a whole 10C here, though it is beautifully sunny atm

Ove - thanks, but nope I have a regular digital camera and very much just point and click...sometimes with the views round here it's very hard not to take a nice picture ;-)

Firefly Mom said...

Wow - I can't believe how beautiful those trees are. It's pretty in the spring, too, but I'm a sucker for fall colors.