Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Clean

I spent the entire day washing, cleaning, dusting and generally having a proper spruce up session, long overdue I might add, of my bedroom....I even hoovered my bed and all of my pillows and can once again see that fabled thing called 'the floor'. Then in the evening I tripped over the one item I'd left on my floor and twisted my ankle, yes the same ankle...I know I suck.

On another note guess what's returning too the Beeb very soon indeed....quite excited


Firefly mom said...

The same ankle? Seriously?? I think it's defective. Did your warranty expire? ;)

I already did my happy who-dance on FB, so I'll refrain from doing it again here!

Emma said...

LOL I should perhaps ask Sasquatch to video the 'happy Who dance' such things should be shared with the world :D

I know, the ankle thing is becoming a tad annoying, maybe I should go with a bionic joint of some kind...worked for Lee Majors ;-)

Mrs. Sasquatch said...

You only think it should be shared because you've never witnessed me dance. If you had, you'd be screaming "My eyes! MY EYES!!" and wishing you could somehow scrub the image from your brain. Either that, or you'd laugh so hard that you'd fall off chair, hit your head on the floor, and suffer some form of amnesia.

Of course, if the second thing happened you could rediscover the beauty that is JA.

Yes, but they spent 6 million on him - and that was in 1980's dollars... I still think that we should just wrap you in bubble wrap. And think of how much fun it would be rolling down hills :)

Mrs. Sasquatch said...

Oh crap - I set up a new blog to fiddle with templates, and apparently I'm still signed in. (Like the Mrs. Sasquatch? Thought you would).

Mrs. Sasquatch/Firefly Mom/Carri Ann ;)